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About Our Company


 Ascension 180, LLC is a social entrepreneurial pan-African business conglomerate focused on the development, innovation, and growth of the African marketplace. Our single goal is to create solutions that uplift people and societies. We identify opportunities in industries & sectors within the African continent and develop innovative businesses to solve gaps and fill needs. 

Prospective Markets


Opportunities on the African continent are vast. We focus where we can make impact. Focus industries includes information communication and technology (ICT), energy, agricultural business, real estate, and much more.

Our Team


Our team is made up of a group of diversified professionals and investment partners who all possess an entrepreneurial edge. Together, we make sure we’re investing where the best opportunities exist to create value and gain returns. 




Information, Communication, and Technology (ITC)

ITC is hear to stay.  It is a means of innovation that can bring advancement in areas not formerly thought possible.


The need for access to education and delivery of quality education is great.  Opportunities exist to make a positive difference in this sector.


From solar to bio energy opportunities in renewable (green) energy exist to support societies while protecting the environment.

Agricultural Business

Be it partnerships with local farmers to importing and exporting of agricultural commodities favorable conditions exist to grow markets for global reach.

Real Estate

Location, location, location and demand. Opportunities lie in both residential and commercial real estate and range from construction to financing.

What else?

The skies the limits. We engage in any sector where gaps or needs exist. One is only limited by their inability to perceive opportunity; however for Ascension 180 the opportunities are endless.  - “If you want to be a great company think about what social problem you can solve. It’s about solving the social problems.” Jack Ma

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